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SynbioCure Cat and Dog Products
  • SynBiocure for Cats

    Healthy microbiota structuring and multifunctional effect in cats. Broader spectrum of action with Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is key for cat and dog metabolism, as well ...

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  • SynBiocure for Dogs

    Healthy microbiota structuring and multifunctional effect in dogs. Broader spectrum of action with Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is key for cat and dog metabolism, as well ...

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What Are the Benefits of SynbioCure?
Immune System

In addition to the chemicals it secretes, it gives resistance with immunoglobulin and immune molecules.

Cardiovascular System

Thanks to its taurine and l-carnitine content, it protects cardiovascular health

Digestive System

With its large number of beneficial bacteria and inulin sources, it contributes to the regulation of the digestive system.

Liver and Kidney

It prevents vascular damage and organ damage, especially liver and kidney, by preventing the formation of uremic toxins.

Behavioral Disorders

By supporting the production of serotonin and dopamine, it provides balance in mood disorders.


It helps to control weight and reduce high cholesterol levels by increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Synbiotic (Prebiotic and Probiotic) Support for Dogs


Short or long chain oligosaccharides. They cannot be digested by digestive enzymes, but are fermented in the colon by microorganisms. Lowers PH in the colon Food source of probiotics In addition, has positive effects such as increasing sodium absorption in the colon, accelerating mucosal blood flow, providing energy, regulating cellular proliferation, increasing cell differentiation, stimulating immunity, and lowering blood cholesterol concentrations.

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The word probiotic originates from Greek and means "for life". Currently, it refers to living microorganisms that, when taken adequately, have beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal microflora of the host. To define a product as a probiotic; Must have resistance to gastric acidity and bile acids, Must remain alive in the digestive tract, Must be able to attach to the intestinal epithelium, Must adapt to natural flora, Must be colonized in the digestive system, Has to have the ability to secrete antimicrobial substances (such as bacteriocin), Must be non-pathogenic and toxic, Must have positive effects on host health It must be stable and able to survive during production and storage.

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SynbioCure Canine-Feline

Synergistic Formula

SynbioCure, intense Lactobacillus acidophilus CECT 4529 and Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 composition provides a multifunctional

%100 Organic Dual Microencapsulation

Due to the fact that all bacteria are presented in %100 organic double encapsulated form,

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Veteriner Hekim Bülent Kalaycı
Digestive System

The scale of change in stool of our dog with Parvoviral Enteritis from the first day to the fifth day of SynbioCure, which we use as a synbiotic with its treatment, was quite successful, and its consistency returned to normal stool consistency as soon as possible. We thank you.

Vetorka Veterinary Clinic


Vet. Hek. M. Eren Şahin ve Vet. Hek. Erol Turan
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