Expert Comments

Expert Comments

I have used SynbioCure on cats and dogs suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. I can say that I found the results better than I expected. In both cases, I created a 5-day treatment plan. After the second use of the product, the symptoms regressed. Still, I completed the treatment in 5 days. SynbioCure is my first choice, especially in cases of intestinal flora disorder.

Thank you to those who contributed.

Mavi Pati Veterinary Clinic


SinbioCure Observations Veteriner Hekim Bülent Kalaycı

The scale of change in stool of our dog with Parvoviral Enteritis from the first day to the fifth day of SynbioCure, which we use as a synbiotic with its treatment, was quite successful, and its consistency returned to normal stool consistency as soon as possible. We thank you.

Vetorka Veterinary Clinic


Digestive System Vet. Hek. M. Eren Şahin ve Vet. Hek. Erol Turan